New Route On Everest

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Apr 03, 2019

News has reached us of a new route being attempted on Mt Everest this spring. Cory Richards and Esteban Mena plan to climb a natural line on the north face of the mountain. At this stage, details of the route are uncertain, but if successful, it will be the first new route on the mountain for almost twenty years.

A movie about Cory and Esteban's experience is already in production, here's a teaser...

In 2018, Cory and film maker Anson Fogel granted us permission to use their film "Cold" as an introduction to the British Mountain Medicine Society's "Surviving The Death Zone" day in Hathersage. The extraordinary film describes Cory's winter ascent of Nanga Parbat and shows in vivid detail many of the threats faced by those who venture to high altitude. It's well worth a look... 

If "Cold" is anything to go by, "The Line" is going to be something special!

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