The Best of Kendal Mountain Film Tour - London

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Apr 13, 2019

On May 23rd, the Nepali charity Porters Progress will be hosting the "Best of Kendal World Film Tour" at the Royal Geographical Society in London. The event starts at 7pm and tickets cost £15.

Films include: Surfer Dan, Wild Ice - Backcountry Skating Alaska, RJ Ripper, Slaydies, Aziza, Chasing Monsters, The Swimmer, Liv Along The Way, Big World, We Are Send, La Congeniality - The Attitude of Gratitude and The UK in 100 Seconds. 

Having seen most of the films at Kendal last year I can say that anyone who goes along will be in for a treat! For me, the most striking film is the shortest. "The UK in 100 Seconds", takes a unique aerial journey across the UK. Here's a trailer to encourage you to go along and support a fantastic charity!

Book tickets here.

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