Statement of Youth

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Aug 26, 2019

As someone who started climbing in Sheffield in the early 90's I soon became aware of a strong climbing "scene". Through word-of-mouth I heard mention of Moffatt, Moon and several others, not to mention the pubs, climbing walls and crags they frequented. But at the time it was never really clear where Sheffield and its residents would fit into climbing's rich history. Now with the release of "Statement of Youth" some twenty years later, the impact is at last clear to see. Living largely on benefits, these climbers were amongst the first to dedicate themselves to training and climbing full time. As a result, they transformed traditional and sports climbing in the UK, pushing standards in a few short years further than anyone before or since. 

All of this is lovingly documented in an excellent film that can now be viewed for free online...

The British Mountain Medicine Society (BMMS) are organising a Science Day in the Peak District on the 13th November 2019. Why not come along? Details can be found here.

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