An Evening With Leo Dickinson And Eric Jones

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Jul 01, 2019

Leo Dickinson and Eric Jones will be appearing at the Buxton Adventure Festival on Tuesday 17th September at 7.30pm. Tickets are available here.

Leo Dickinson is an award winning film maker and adventurer who over a long career has filmed climbs on the Eiger, Matterhorn and Cerro Torre not to mention making the first ascent of Everest by hot air balloon! In, "Patagonia - A Love Affair" Leo will be talking about his filmmaking adventures in the region, including his 55 days spent crossing the giant ice cap with climbers Eric Jones and Mick Coffee. If this wasn't enough there may may be one or two stories about a subsequent trip to Patagonia with mountaineering's driest wit, Don Whillans.

Leo will be joined on stage by Jones, who is perhaps best known for making the first British solo ascent of the North Face of the Eiger, as well as his climbs on the Matterhorn and Everest. 

A Fifi hook played a vital part in an early meeting between Leo Dickinson and Eric Jones.

Given that the night focuses upon Patagonia, Leo might not describe how he met Eric on the Bonatti Pillar in 1969. But it's worth sharing here! According to the "Who's Who In British Climbing"* the meeting went something like this,

Brian Molyneaux and myself were struggling up the pillar and found Eric sitting on a tiny ledge. "All right youth?" enquired Brian.

"I fell." replied the Welshman.

"Well, lucky you were tied on," said Brian.

"I wasn't," replied Eric.

My mind wasn't taking all this in. I had a headache from altitude. It was our first route in Chamonix - I was very thirsty. Stating the blindingly obvious, Molyneaux spluttered: 

"But you're still here?"

"I was lay backing up that crack when my feet skidded off - I had a clear vision of rushing down the couloir, knowing I was going to die when suddenly I stopped - my Fifi caught in the eye of a peg."

Leo's legendary film of Eric's solo ascent of the North Face of the Eiger can be found here...

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*Who's Who In British Climbing by Colin Wells is a wonderful and often irreverent book that is highly recommended!

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