Hathersage Night Fell Race 2019

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Sep 18, 2019

The Hathersage Night Race is back and will take place on Thursday 21st November!

Tickets are priced at £16 and can either be bought online or at the Outside shop in Hathersage.

There are only 85 places available. Entry will not be possible on the night. The ticket includes entry to the race, a "Pie and Peas" supper and a talk from Pat and Jeremy Goodall. With over a 1000 fell races each, their talk "Still Running After All These Years" should encourage anyone who wants to keep running into their 60's and beyond! This year, Pat represented England in the Masters Half Marathon and has recently posted times to qualify for next year's Boston Marathon. Not to be outdone, Jeremy has completed a long list of marathons and has just chalked up his 72nd race in his 72nd year!

All runners should meet at Outside Café, Hathersage from 5.30pm to complete the registration process. A race briefing will take place at 6.15pm. The 5 mile route will start in Hathersage and climb Stanage Edge before returning to the village. The route will be fully marshalled. However all runners will need a head torch and reflective clothing. Full FRA kit must be carried during the race. Kit spot checks will be conducted prior to the start of the race.

The route is mainly along paths and single lane roads. Pedestrians and motorists may be encountered on the route. Runners do not have right of way during the race.

Kit may be left in Outside Café during the race. However this must be done at owner’s own risk.

Local beers, soft drinks and cakes will be available to buy on the night.

Prizes, kindly donated by Petzl, will be awarded to the first male and female finishers.

All proceeds go to St Michael’s School in Hathersage.

The route is the same as in previous years. Here is last year's race briefing and should give you an idea of what to expect!

"The route is 5 miles long and contains some short sections of road running. All of these roads are open to traffic during the race. The race starts beside the Alpkit shop and proceeds for nearly 2kms along a very quiet single track road. You will then cross the first of 3 cattle grids. These will be marked in advance by red and white plastic tape. Beside Brookfield Manor you will take a left fork and enter a narrow tree lined alley way. The most dangerous overhanging branches have been removed. However some branches remain – these are marked by red and white plastic tape. After the alleyway you’ll soon encounter the first of 3 road crossings. These are marshalled and marked, however please watch out for other road users! You’ll next pass over a boggy field. Glow sticks will mark the driest way through. This will take you to “The Warren” a wooded section that is slow and muddy underfoot. In this you’ll find a fork in the path. The incorrect route will be blocked off by red and white tape. This is not an assault course – please do not try to cross this! Do not cross the stream - keep it on your left.

Once you emerge from The Warren you’ll pass above North Lees Hall and onto the Stanage estate. First you'll go through the Plantation – please keep to the cobbled path and make your way up to Stanage Edge. As you emerge onto the edge you will be directed to the right before setting out on a long lonely run along the edge. The distance is not far, but in the dark it will feel further than you expect. Keep to within 10-15m of the edge. 

If you ignore the marshalls or drift too far leftwards there’s a very real chance of hitting Stanage Pole and descending into Lodge Moor. Your first human contact may be with members of the Dark Peak FRC who reside at the Sportsmen’s pub. If you survive this encounter, you will be faced with a 51 bus journey into the City Centre and the 272 back to Hathersage. This will add at least 2-3 hours to your time. Your finishing time will still be published online!

At the end of the Stanage Edge section you will be directed down by one of our marshalls. You will quickly see the lights of the Edale MRT rescue vehicle. Head for these. Matt and his team, together with Haydn, the local farmer, will direct you across the road and back onto the path and towards Carhead Rocks. Further marshalls will guide you towards a single lane track and the last kilometre. You may encounter cars on this section. Beware – it is steep in parts and there is quite a lot of leaf litter on it, so please be careful.

The finish is a low key affair, lots of bright lights but not much else. When you get there please keep moving and head back to Outside. The food is served from 1915! First come, first served!"

"Finally, I should just say that the route is 5 miles – approximately 8000m long – there are 25 marshalls, 40 signs and 50 glowsticks on the course – if you don’t see anyone or anything for a few minutes you are definitely off route! The only exception is on the top of Stanage – where you’re likely to be alone for a bit longer – just keep going and look out for the marshals and follow their instructions!

For now, I’ll wish you all good luck and say thanks again for taking part!"

Here is a map of the route...

2019 results can be found here.

Thanks to Petzl and Outside for their incredible help in supporting the Hathersage Night Fell Race.

All of the images used in this post were taken by Sam Lawson. Thanks!

For more details take a look at this!

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Jeremy commented 3 months, 4 weeks ago
Yes! You can find them here... https://deathzone.7thwave.io/blog/1621
Sam commented 3 months, 4 weeks ago
Will the 2019 results be posted soon?
andy barnett commented 6 months ago
Hi , Can't find minimum age anywhere. Can my 17 year old daughter run. She has been fell running for many years, including mountain marathons, FRA champs and many gnarly dark peak fell runners race's thanks Andy
andy barnett commented 6 months ago
Hi , Can't find minimum age anywhere. Can my 17 year old daughter run. She has been fell running for many years, including mountain marathons, FRA champs and many gnarly dark peak fell runners race's thanks Andy

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