‘How to keep going until the wheels drop off…and beyond’

by Tim Hall, Sports Physio.

2019 Rucksack Club Indoor Lecture series

Posted by Andy Tomlinson on Sep 25, 2019

7.30pm, Tuesday 8th October 2019 

Heaton Sports Club, Green Lane, Stockport. SK4 2NF.

Tim is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist currently working for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, where he assesses, treats and manages a substantial number of sports injuries back into good health.

His presentation offers a common sense approach to reducing the risk of injury and a framework for getting back on the hill/in the saddle after injury. Be prepared to get involved!

Before he grew up Tim says he wasted(?!) a lot of time, teaching and coaching skiing in Europe and New Zealand. He remains an active (and older) skier, cyclist and runner.

Tim Hall 2019

 He remains a regular visitor to the Alps both for winter sports and summer cycling and still chasing PBs into his 6th decade…he could be considered an ageing athlete with the wheels still on!

Note from author: Tim provided me with fantastic advice on how to preserve a dodgy knee allowing me to keep away from orthopaedic surgeons and continue to be very active in the mountains!

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