Shrewsbury Winter Adventure Series

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Dec 10, 2019

The team behind the Shrewsbury Winter Adventure Series have been in touch to highlight 3 fantastic events that are due to take place in the coming months...

22nd January 2020 – The Hive

Emma Twyford – Big Bang

In September 2019 Emma Twyford became the first British female to climb 9a. With several E9's to her name already, Emma's talent was never in doubt, nevertheless climbing Big Bang has well and truly catapulted her into the history books! Join us to hear Emma's story of her 3 year battle to make this incredible accomplishment a reality. Tickets can be bought here.

23rd February 2020 – Old Market Hall

Brit Rock Film Tour - Climbing Blind

Three short films and then the main feature - Climbing Blind – the incredible story of the first blind lead of the iconic Old Man of Hoy. Despite losing much of his sight in his teenage years, Jesse has become an incredibly accomplished climber making the first 'non-sight' lead of the Original Route (E1 5b) on the Old Man of Hoy. Tickets can be bought here. An excellent interview with Jesse can be found here

27th March 2020 - The Hive 

Angus Kille - Indian Face to El Captain  

Angus Kille setting out on Indian Face (E9 6c)

What better way to finish the series than with local climber, turned international superstar, Angus Kille? Angus is going to talk about climbing one of the UK's most dangerous routes, Indian Face (E9 6c), and a recent trip to Yosemite, where he managed to free climb El Capitain, an incredible achievement! Tickets can be bought here.

For more details take a look at this!

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