Hathersage Mountain Medicine Festival - Workshops!

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Mar 01, 2020

Workshops are a great way to share lots of knowledge and experience. With that in mind, we've set plenty of time aside for them in Part 2 of the Hathersage Mountain Medicine Festival

Details of the workshops can be found below...

How To Avoid Making Mountains Out Of Molars - Harriet Tweedale and Heather Reynolds

This workshop will provide a "crash course" on dental care in the mountains - including what to check for before departure, the management of infections and traumatic injuries in the field, safe administration of local anaesthetic and if that wasn't enough, the opportunity to extract a tooth! Make sure your teeth are clean!

Robin Barraclough - Psychological First Aid

Dr Robin Baraclough will be joining us to lead a fascinating workshop on Psychological First Aid (PFA). For most of us, accidents leave only physical damage but for others there are much greater consequences. Stress hormones released at the time of an injury can cause the brain to lay down special, detailed memories and create a highly emotive record of the event. Importantly, this "stress injury" can even form in bystanders or rescuers those who don't suffer a physical injury. Using simple techniques that Robin will explore in the workshop, it is possible to reduce it's severity. Further details can be found here.

Bridging The Gap - Chris Smith

Following a barnstorming presentation at the 2019 Science Day we've invited Chris to help us explore what those new to the mountains need to know. How should professionals share what they know? Learn more about the client's perspective - expect to be surprised and challenged!

Chris is the editor of the highly acclaimed "Travel at High Altitude". A fascinating interview with Chris can be found here.

Rebecca Dent - Food On The Go...

Spending long periods of time exercising in the mountains means that we often need to refuel. But with what? How much? How often? Dietitian and leading expert on mountain nutrition, Rebecca Dent will attempt to answer these questions in her workshop. There will be plenty of time for questions and importantly, opportunities to taste some of Rebecca's recommendations! 

Tim Hall - The Back Of Beyond...

Did you know that more than 90% of people suffer at least one episode of back pain in their life? In fact, as many as one quarter of all UK adults are suffering from back pain at this very moment! It therefore comes as no surprise to hear that this condition is one of the leading reasons for seeking an appointment with a GP. However less than 1% of back pain needs a medical intervention and much can be done by the patient themselves. From his many years of experience in the NHS, physiotherapist Tim Hall will give us a "hands on" masterclass in assessing back pain and importantly, the right steps to treat this most crippling of conditions.

Further information about the Hatherage Mountain Medicine Festival can be found here!

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Dave Gregory commented 10 months, 3 weeks ago
Looking forward to another great few days teaching at the BMC weekend and then the BMMS training days....wont be long now!

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