Isolation (Part 5)

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Mar 27, 2020

Over the next few months we'll all be spending a lot more time indoors trying to limit the spread of COVID-19. We've been in touch with members of the mountain medicine community to ask them for suggestions on how to manage. Here's paramedic and outdoor instructor Dave Gregory to tell us how he's been filling his time...

"Stay at home they say, self isolate they say, build a wall I say!

Well the government has said that we cant go out to play at the moment which makes it really annoying for those who love the outdoors and especially if you are lucky like me and its staring at you as you open the front door! I’ve been out of climbing for a little while as some of you may know I snapped a tendon in my wrist, so since August I have been steadily building up my strength with regular visits to the climbing wall getting ready for the season ahead and then wham ... doors shut. What to do?

Well, you take a few of panels...

Add a couple of holds...

Then put them together and what have you got? Dave's Wall!

I was lucky enough a while ago to be given the remnants of a portable climbing wall which has been sat in my garage building up dust, that was until Tuesday! Now its been kind of resurrected and put into use and while I may not be able to take a trip out I can enjoy the views from my garden whilst keeping to some sort of regime.

TRX in action

Starting off with a good warm up before any climbing I do some circuits on the wall then get down to some more technical work with sitting starts on little holds etc. When I’ve nearly finished I do some TRX work including IYT’s reverse IYT’s Dynamic Bicep curls TRX assisted single leg squats, supported hanging leg raises some dyna band and opposing muscle group work especially on the fingers and not forgetting a good stretch off to finish! If its wet out then I’ll just have to do a fingerboard circuit inside, it all helps!

An indoor alternative!

Hope this gives you guys a bit of inspiration in these difficult times! Stay safe all!

Thanks Dave!

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Please get in touch if you'd like to take part in other "Isolation" posts! 

Stay safe.

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