It's Not What It Seems...

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Jun 18, 2021

If there's one thing that politician's can do well it's cast themselves in the best possible light! Sometimes this goes beyond telling the truth. A recent photograph of French politician Eric Woerth climbing in the Alps is a good example. All is not what it seems. Thanks to social media a more honest account has emerged. Careful cropping and 90 degrees of rotation have meant that the image Woerth posted on his Twitter feed showed him climbing on steep ground. In reality he was walking on little more than a gentle snow slope...

The photograph of Eric Woerth posted on his Twitter feed 

What were the clues that something was amiss? A tangle of ropes resting on “steep” ground just a few metres away? The zip of the jacket pointing out horizontally? The unusual position of the walkers at the edge of the image? As someone commented on social media, "what is most impressive is the two people to the right of the photo standing horizontally". 

An enlargement showing the shadowy figures on the right of the image 

Despite evidence to the contrary, Woerth denied that the image had been doctored. Indeed his guide Jean Franck Charlet stood by his client later commenting, “I am the guide who accompanied Eric Woerth. This photo is 100% real, even if the slope at 45 degrees appears a little steeper than it is in reality. This slope is not a simple one … it’s one that has been the site of numerous accidents in the past.” He subsequently went on to say, “I am astonished that a simple photograph has sparked so many critical and ironic comments from internet users and climbers, comments widely taken up by our great national media … who have simply picked this up easily and without any professionalism made no effort to contact the person who took the photo and by doing so establish the truth.” Perhaps Charlet had half an eye on the prospect of future work?

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