Thank You!

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Dec 24, 2020

We just want to say a big "Thank You" to all those who've supported our blog in 2020. Over the last year we've put up more than 80 posts and had more than 100,000 visitors. Without the help of the following people this would not have been possible...

Stuart Allan

Simon Armitage

Jamie Barclay

Robin Baraclough

Buddha Basnyat

Carl Betts

Marika Blackham

Adam Booth

David Cambray Deakin

Cams Campbell

Glynn Carter

Pete Colledge

Tessa Coulson

Rebecca Dent

Jim Duff

Kitty Duncan

John Ellerton

Hywel Evans

Grant Farquhar

Abbi Forsyth

Mick Fowler

Jerry Gore

Karen Greene

Mike Greene

Dave Gregory

Rich Griffiths

Tim Hall

Tim Halsey

Mary Harding

Matt Heason

David Hillebrandt

David Hopkins

Rebecca Howlett

Chris Imray

Robyn Johnston

Hayley Jones

Andy Kirkpatrick

Andy Knight

Hannah Lock

Andy Luks

Carlo Macri

Ben Marshall

Scott Martin

Jim Milledge

Sophie Mohun Kemp

Jon Morgan

Jon Naylor

Devon O'Neil

Peter Paal

Tony Page

Adele Pennington

Monica Piris

Heather Reynolds

Tom Richardson

Steve Rowe

Owen Samuel

Tim Sanders

Jon Shields

Kevin Shields

Chris Smith

Martin Spence

Suzy Stokes

Alan Stone

Piotr Szawarski

Andy Tomlinson

Harriet Tweedale

Roxanne Vogel

Emily Watts

Matt Wilkes

Guy Wilson

Tom Yeoman

And all those who posted comments!

Thanks should also go out to all those who have signed up to BMMS UCLan Mountain Medicine Winter Webinar Series. Information on future webinars can be found here

Thanks also to everyone who's completed our FREE online CPD package. If you fancy testing your mountain medicine knowledge why not try this?

The webinars and online CPD would not have been possible without the help of Alpkit. Thanks!

Our apologies to anyone who we've missed out - Thank You!

3 thoughts on “Thank You!

Piotr Szawarski commented 9 months ago
"Death Zone" seems closer to home these days...
Jim Duff commented 9 months ago
Thank you Jeremy and all those who support your efforts. Looking forward to a vaccinated NHS and more delights from the Death Zone 👍 Safe festive season to all from Tasmania.
Robyn commented 9 months ago
Happy Christmas and looking forward to reading more posts in the coming year!

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