How To Work In The NHS and Become A Mountain Medic... Part 2

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Jun 27, 2018

Key to being a good clinician is communication. Whilst at CRH you'll have the opportunity to interact with patients, colleagues and member of the public. Want to help organise a winter fell race? Sort out the publicity? Sell tickets? Book the venue and caterers? Engage with sponsors? Brief marshals and runners? Good communication is vital! What about Mountain Medicine courses? You'll see in earlier postings just what goes into organising these events. The list of jobs is endless, but key to them all is the ability to communicate well.

Hathersage Night Fell Race - This is one of only a handful of fell races that take place in the dark. Approximately 100 participants take part in the 5 mile race. Why not help out?

Events organised by the Mountain Medicine Fellowship at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

As if this wasn't enough there's contributing to the "Surviving The Death Zone" Blog that reaches hundreds of like minded people every day, providing information about mountain medicine courses, events and publications. Not to mention interviews with leading figures in mountain medicine, reviews of essential equipment and articles on how to be a better mountain medic. Throw in something on inspiring days in the mountains and you'll find there's a lot to communicate about!

What could the Clinical Fellow in Anaesthetics, Critical Care and Mountain Medicine post lead to? 

See the next posting for details!  

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