Surviving The Death Zone - Feedback from Far And Wide!

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Jul 17, 2018

Over the last two weeks we’ve received an enormous amount of feedback from those who attended the 2018 Mountain Medicine Advanced Course and BMMS Launch. Thanks! It’s come from a wide range of people – from 6th form and medical students to MRT members and health care professionals both active and retired! Here’s a sample…


“I just wanted to say thank you for organising such a brilliant and inspiring 3 days! I enjoyed every lecture and met so many great people.”

Sophie Mohun Kemp – Doctor

"It was fantastic to be asked to talk on the course and well done for organising the event. From all the folk I talked to it seemed as if everyone had had a very informative three days and enjoyed the course."

Adele Pennington - Mountain Guide 

“I've found it difficult to single out any one aspect as there is an important place for all of the talks delivered. I'm fascinated and interested in anything that is mountain and climbing related in all its forms but as a talk in its own right I found the session on eating disorders so insightful and delivered with honesty and integrity from the speaker having himself been in that position and work through that. I find that gives the talk so much more validity than it may have otherwise had. Overall a captivating, interesting and highly educational 3 days, all delivered in a great venue.”

Neil Blake - Nurse

“Highlights for me…well where do I start, as the standard and content of the vast majority of the Meeting swung between very good and outstanding. In addition to the presentations that Jeremy has highlighted I would add the following: the session on children provided a timely reminder of some chronic problems that children and young adults can face, with very useful and insightful advice on how to approach and communicate with this group of patients; many of the examples given could be found in outdoor groups and expeditions. The honesty and openness of Rebecca, who continues to suffer from anorexia, was particularly memorable as she stood and talked to an audience of around 80 doctors and other healthcare professionals about the difficulties anorexics face, including how we might approach these in an outdoor/expedition setting. Other highlights for me included Tim Halsey’s clear anatomical descriptions of the mechanisms behind finger pulley injuries [at last I understand them!], Tim Hall’s excellent review of shoulder injuries and Nigel Callendar’s insight into the physiological research that is occurring with those who boulder at the very top levels. For someone who has retired from clinical practice, it was rejuvenating to be a small part of such an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and keen group of doctors and healthcare professionals!“

Andy Tomlinson - Retired Anaesthetist

"It's difficult to put into words the passion and commitment to the cause. It ended all too soon my mind blown away with an information overload. A thoroughly interesting, in-depth and informative few days."

Dave Gregory - Paramedic

“I particularly enjoyed the lecture centring on the causes and treatment of frostbite because I thought it gave a real insight into a common condition that I didn't fully understand how it occurred and how to treat it but after the talk I feel I've now got a much better grasp on the ailment. I also thought that the lecturer was particularly engaging and had a good collection of case studies that really shone a light on frostbite and all things concerning it.”

Sam Blake – Sixth Form Student

“Fantastically broad faculty with huge wealth of experience medically and globally. Numerous presentation styles, all excellent communicators.”

Tim Halsey – Consultant Surgeon

“Home now but still buzzing from the courses. Great from medical point of view, great from mountain point of view and brilliant socially. Great range and variety of presentations. A lot of smiling faces. 

I know how hard it is to bring this sort of thing together and you did an excellent job. Many thanks.”

David Hillebrandt – General Practitioner

“A fascinating session on eating disorders, highlighted the importance of knowledge of this topic and of understanding the people these disorders affect. From subsequent sessions, the importance of good nutrition when working in situations where one is constantly exerting themselves physically and mentally became very clear. Becoming aware of potentially dangerous eating habits that can often present in these circumstances is therefore essential to both the short and long-term health and wellbeing of these individuals.”

Ben Ward – Medical Student

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