Jeremy Windsor

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Aug 05, 2018

Hello and Welcome to "Surviving The Death Zone"!

"I do recommend it as a bit of mountain medicine light relief. It is light and slightly frivolous so makes a good read when one is feeling bogged down with the routine of everyday work."

David Hillebrandt

"This is so awesome. Thank you for sharing, a lot more of this is needed in the age of too many opinions and blogs by anyone with access to the internet."

Micky Multani

Keep up the good work on the Surviving the Death Zone blog - Impressive how you keep the topics rolling out!

Declan Phelan

We are a group of anaesthetists and critical care doctors based at Chesterfield Royal Hospital who are passionate about mountain medicine. The origins of this blog date back to a series of successful courses that we've ran over the last couple of years. These made us realise that there's an incredible appetite for mountain medicine in the UK and beyond. The "Surviving The Death Zone" blog reaches hundreds of like minded people every day, providing them with details of jobs, courses and publications. There's also interviews with leading figures, equipment reviews and lots of content to educate, entertain and inspire. So whatever you’re looking for in mountain medicine, there's a good chance you'll find it here!

For those of you who wish to become Clinical Fellows in Anaesthetics, Critical Care and Mountain Medicine at Chesterfield Royal Hospital keep checking the blog. This will be the first place we'll advertise! 

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The "Surviving The Death Zone" Team

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