​5 Things A Mountain Medic Needs To Know About Eating Disorders

Jeremy Windsor

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Jul 28, 2018

Back in June retired GP Antony Natt spoke about eating disorders at our Mountain Medicine Advanced Course. Feedback from his talk was excellent. Antony has very kindly agreed to distill his talk into five key messages.

Those with eating disorders...

-Are secretive  and often deceitful about their eating habits and cannot trust themselves, or be trusted by others, to meet their energy requirements.

-Often exercise excessively or vomit following meals in order to eliminate calories as part of their weight regulating behaviour.

-Are very resistant to any efforts to coerce them to change their weight regulating behaviours.

-Are blinded to the harmful consequences of their weight regulating behaviour but may appreciate the impact it has upon the safety of fellow team members.

-Often conceal fragile self esteem beneath a perfectionist exterior. Compassionate, non judgemental, patient probing of such insecurities may encourages a more trusting relationship which promotes less harmful weight regulating behaviour for the duration of the trip.

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