New Film - Final Ascent

Posted by Jeremy Windsor on Jan 05, 2019

Anyone who knows a bit about the history of winter climbing in Scotland will have heard of Hamish MacInnes. Leader of the Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team for many years, Hamish set up the Search and Rescue Dog Association (SARDA) and what would become the Scottish Avalanche Information Service (SAIS). As an engineer and designer, he built the first all metal "Terrodactyl" ice axe and the MacInnes stretcher, an essential piece of kit that is now widely used by mountain rescue teams around the world. 

Recently, he has been the subject of a film - "Final Ascent - The Legend of Hamish MacInnes". But it is far more than a story about one man's extraordinary achievements and focuses instead upon Hamish's recovery from illness. Diagnosed with dementia and treated at the Belford Hospital in Fort William, the film is a story about how a man recovers his memory by surrounding himself with the books, photographs and films of his life. As Douglas Eadie, the film's producer says, "It's not a film about mountaineering, but a film about memory".

The film had its premiere at the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival in December 2018 and will be released this year. 

Here's the trailer...

A fascinating posting on Hamish's life can be found here.

Many thanks to Jim Duff for letting us know about the film.


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